Access to high quality
difficult–to–express proteins

Greenovation offers the full range of contract development and manufacturing from transient protein productions to full strains. This enables our clients not only to test desired protein products quickly, but also to receive stable cell lines for development processes of clinical pharmaceuticals.

Optimize your product design with BryoSpeed®

Whenever you need to test feasibility of your product, BryoSpeed delivers high quality recombinant products with full posttranslational modification (e. g. glycosylation) within a short time. BryoSpeed is a transient biopharmaceutical production system based on moss. By applying a matrix of different parameters such as light, CO2, temperature, and media, you get the answers you need in one step.

Repeated harvesting yields µg to mg amounts of high-quality, fully glycosylated products within six to ten weeks. Yields are sufficient for functional and qualitative assessment of the target protein and allow a good forecast for the development of stable production strains using BryoMaster®.

Greenovation’s product design with BryoSpeed

BryoSpeed: more information in just one step

  • Multi-parallell screening of proteins by using a matrix of different parameters
  • Highly controllable conditions (media, light, temperature, CO2, and shaking rate)
  • Short delivery time

Strain development and cGMP-compliant protein production with BryoMaster®

When you need a stable process for expression of a difficult-to-express protein, BryoMaster offers a photoautotrophic fermentation process in a purely mineral medium free of antibiotics and animal-derived components. The process is highly flexible in scale and allows for straightforward tech transfer to any given environment. As a result you get clinical material of a master cell bank or we transfer the cGMP production process to your site.

Greenovation’s contract development and manufacturing services
Greenovation’s contract development and manufacturing services

BryoMaster delivers better products

  • Genetically stable strains
  • Glycodesign
  • Batch to batch stability
  • Animal component free
  • Antibiotic fre
  • Customized platforms

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BryoTechnology offers a wide range of advantages for biopharmaceutical development and production processes. Our broad IP portfolio covers plant production processes, N-glycosylation techniques, proprietary drug candidates, and mechanisms-of-action. We offer contract manufacturing and licensing models.


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