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Greenovation offers the full range from transient, small scale production to stable process development of biopharmaceutical production in GMP-compliant, several hundred litres wave bioreactors™.

With BryoMaster® we offer the development of stable production strains cultivated in a photoautotrophic fermentation process for production of large scale batches. Culture vessels range from 5L-stirred tanks to 600L-wave bioreactors for production of pharmaceutical proteins like VEGF, HSA, EPO, phosphatase, vaccines and a wide range of monoclonal antibodies for oncological applications:

  • BryoMaster expression strains are intact moss plants (Gametophores) regenerated from a single transgenic moss cell. These monoclonal organisms are genetically stable, having the transgene stably integrated into their genome. Fully characterized Master Cell Banks (MCSs) ensure sustainable production.
  • BryoMaster production is a photoautotrophic fermentation process in a purely mineral medium free of antibiotics and animal derived components. The process is built on non-customized and cGMP-compliant single-use equipment from leading suppliers. It therefore is highly flexible in scale and allows for straightforward tech-transfer to any given environment.

With BryoSpeed® we offer quick delivery of initial, high quality product samples, based on transiently transfected protoplasts. Repeated harvesting yields µg to mg amounts of high-quality, fully glycosylated product within six to ten weeks:

  • BryoSpeed is a transient variant of the moss production system. It delivers high quality recombinant product with full posttranslational modification (e. g. glycosylation) within short time. Yields are sufficient for functional and qualitative assessment of the target protein and allow a good forecast of BryoMaster productivity.

Our BryoEngineering is straightforward: Precise and stable genome modifications can be introduced in Physcomitrella patens, so that production strains express human N-glycosylation while non-human glycosylation with immunogenic potential is prevented. The haplontic organism with its high rate of homologous recombination along with knowledge of the fully sequenced genome, allows for precise editing of any moss gene. The customized platforms mean that specific proteins can be produced quickly. The technology allows adaptations such as protease knockouts or toxin-resistant ADC-production platforms. Engineered moss production platforms are genetically stable and the technology is marker-free. 

Rapid genome customization in moss
Rapid genome customization in moss