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Company and Quality Guidelines

In order to meet our clients’ high expectations, Greenovation has set out its company guidelines. They detail the values that form the basis for our activities and clarify the principles we follow when dealing with business partners, shareholders, authorities, media and the public. These guidelines also give principles of conduct for all employee collaboration within Greenovation Biotech GmbH.

Our quality policy is set in line with our company guidelines and customer-oriented quality principles. Management ensures that the quality policy and the quality management system are understood, realised and complied with on all levels within the company and by all employees.

We are always a reliable partner for our customers. The needs of the customer are our priority. We are only happy when the customer is. Collaboration with our suppliers is based on trust and fairness. We always strive for a cooperative, trusting and long-term partnership with both customers and suppliers. We require our customers and suppliers to comply equally with the principles laid out here.

We secure and strengthen our position in the market through a continual improvement process involving all employees. We look at all our procedures and processes in a holistic way in order to then improve them.

The contributions made by our highly motivated employees, with their skills and aptitudes, are key to the economic success of the company. Their further training therefore represents an important investment in the future. Training enables them to improve their qualifications to meet increasing demands. We observe the rules that apply to working hours.

We foster a climate of permanent progress in the company. The sustainable improvement of our products and services and the consistent application of quality management, contribute to the long-term success of our company. The relationship we enjoy with our customers and business partners and among the employees is sincere and honest.

We offer all employees the same opportunities. Employees are not discriminated against or harassed because of gender, race, skin colour, religion, age, national origin, disability or sexual orientation. Our employees treat each other respectfully and cooperatively.

Our company ensures a safe and healthy work environment that meets and/or exceeds the relevant standards for safety and health in the workplace. We take care to prevent accidents in the workplace and occupational illnesses through appropriate measures.

By setting a good example, management is a key factor when it comes to implementing the quality policy. The Management Board and each executive is committed to adjusting the daily activities according to the stated quality policy and continually improving the quality management system.

Freiburg, 23 March 2015

Dr. Thomas Frischmuth
Managing Director