Greenovation is managed by Dr. Thomas Frischmuth and Dr. Andreas Schaaf, both exhibiting profound scientific and business experience in biotechnology.

Thomas Frischmuth, PhD, CEO

Thomas Frischmuth, PhD, CEO

Thomas Frischmuth holds a PhD in biology and worked for 15 years as Associate Professor in molecular biology and biotechnology. For the last 10 years he was director of several life sciences venture funds and manager of small and medium size companies. Thomas joined Greenovation in 2011 as chief executive officer.

Andreas Schaaf, PhD, Head of R&D

Andreas Schaaf, PhD, CSO

Andreas Schaaf holds a PhD in plant biotechnology. Before joining Greenovation as research scientist in 2009, he held positions at the University of Muenster and Freiburg. At Greenovation, Andreas was responsible for advancing BryoTechnology to a fully viable biopharmaceutical platform. Since 2015, Andreas is acting as Chief Scientific Officer.