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Greenovation Biotech GmbH announces completion of its phase 1 safety study for moss-aGal targeting Fabry disease

FREIBURG, Germany, October 17, 2017

Greenovation Biotech GmbH, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing therapies to treat orphan diseases today announces completion of its Phase 1 moss-aGal study in Fabry disease (FD). Greenovation expects to report data from the study later this year.

The Phase I study was designed as a single dose administered in six patients suffering from FD. Primary endpoints were safety and pharmacokinetics. The patients were monitored over 28 days. The single dose of moss-aGal was well tolerated by patients.

Moss-aGal is the first clinical product produced in Greenovation`s moss-based technology and therefore the first ever moss-made drug candidate tested in humans.

"We would particularly like to thank the patient volunteers who participated in this clinical study. The results may help to develop a drug that will hopefully improve the treatment of Fabry disease in future. In preclinical studies moss-aGal demonstrated pharmacodynamic differences as compared to approved drugs. These will hopefully translate to improvements in patients’ quality of life. The expected positive Phase I results will pave the way for quick initiation of Phase II/III studies.” says Dr. Thomas Frischmuth, CEO of Greenovation.

About Greenovation Biotech GmbH

GREENOVATION is the developer of BryoTechnology, a biopharmaceutical manufacturing technology based on moss-plants. Being the core of the company, BryoTechnology is employed in in two separate business areas:
As a CDMO GREENOVATION offers strain- and process-development, cell-banking, contract-development, -manufacturing and licensing.
As a clinical stage BIOPHARMACEUTICAL Company GREENOVATION exploits its proprietary Bryotechnology to produce highly-efficient glycoproteins for the treatment of orphan diseases.

Greenovation is a privately-owned biopharmaceutical company based in Heilbronn, Germany. It was founded in 1999 by Prof. Dr. Ralf Reski and Prof. Dr. Gunter Neuhaus. Today, Greenovation Biotech GmbH is majority-owned by Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn and L-EigenkapitalAgentur (Karlsruhe).

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