Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and safety of moss‐aGalactosidase A in patients with Fabry disease

Julia B. Hennermann; Laila Arash‐Kaps; György Fekete; Andreas Schaaf; Andreas Busch; Thomas Frischmuth

J Inherit Metab Dis. 2019 - Download article

Real-Time VCD Monitoring of Moss for Therapeutic Protein Production

Jonas Koch, Michael Mueller, Holger Niederkrueger
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Host Cell Proteome of Physcomitrella patens Harbors Proteases and Protease Inhibitors under Bioproduction Conditions

, T, and 
Journal of Proteome Research, November 2, 2018

Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and safety of moss agalactosidase A in patients with Fabry disease

Julia B. Hennermann, Laila Arash-Kaps, György Fekete, Andreas Schaaf, Andreas Busch, Thomas Frischmuth
Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, Volume 123, February 2018, Page S61-S62

Treatment of experimental C3 Glomerulopathy by human complement factor H produced in glycosylation-optimized Physcomitrella patens

Karsten Häffner, Juliana Parsons, Lennard L. Bohlender, Sebastian Hoernstein, Holger Niederkrüger, Benjamin Fode, Andreas Busch, Nicola Krieghoff, Jonas Koch, Andreas Schaaf, Thomas Frischmuth, Peter F. Zipfel, Martin Pohl, Ralf Reski, Eva L. Decker, Stefan Michelfelder
Molecular Immunology, Volume 89, September 2017, Page 120

Moss-produced, glycosylation-optimized human factor H for therapeutic application in complement disorders

Michelfelder, S., J. Parsons, L. L. Bohlender, S.N.W. Hoernstein, H. Niederkrüger, A. Busch, N. Krieghoff, J. Koch, B. Fode, A. Schaaf, T. Frischmuth, M. Pohl, P.F. Zipfel, R. Reski, E.L. Decker, K. Häffner
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 28, 2017

Molecular basis for globotriaosylceramide regulation and enzyme uptake in immortalized aortic endothelial cells from Fabry mice.

Meng XLDay TSMcNeill NAshcraft PFrischmuth TCheng SHLiu ZPShen JSSchiffmann R 
J Inherit Metab Dis. 2016 May

Development of a Novel Host-Cell Protein Assay: Supporting the Physcomitrella patens Expression System

Paulina Dabrowska-Schlepp, Stefan Sommerschuh, Mathias Knappenberger, Holger Niederkrüger, Nicole Gliese and Andreas Schaaf
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Biopharmazeutika durch pflanzliche Produktion in geschlossenen Systemen

Holger Niederkrueger, Andreas Schaaf, Christian Koch, Thomas Pultar (2015).
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Mannose receptor-mediated delivery of moss-made α-galactosidase A efficiently corrects enzyme deficiency in Fabry mice

Shen, J.-S., Busch, A., Day, T. S., Meng, X.-L., Yu, C. I., Dabrowska-Schlepp, P., … Schaaf, A. (2016).
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Suspension Culture of Plant Cells Under Phototrophic Conditions

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Moss-based production of asialo-erythropoietin devoid of Lewis A and other plant-typical carbohydrate determinants

Parsons, J., Altmann, F., Arrenberg, C. K., Koprivova, A., Beike, A. K., Stemmer, C., ... Decker, E. L. (2012)
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Production of biologically active recombinant human factor H in Physcomitrella

Annette Buettner-Mainik, Juliana Parsons, Hanna Jerome, Andrea Hartmann, Stephanie Lamer, Andreas Schaaf, Andreas Schlosser, Peter F. Zipfel, Ralf Reski and Eva L. Decker
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Neueste Strategien in der Krebsimmuntherapie

Gilbert Gorr, Ralf Kircheis
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Proteinherstellung: Bryotechnologie – innovatives Tool für rekombinante Proteinproduktion

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High-level expression of secreted complex glycosylated recombinant human erythropoietin in the Physcomitrella Delta-fucT Delta-xylT mutant

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In vivo glyco-engineered antibody with improved lytic potential produced by an innovative non-mammalian expression system

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Compensation of endogenous IgG mediated inhibition of antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity by glyco-engineering of therapeutic antibodies

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Glycosylation design in transgenic moss for better product efficacy

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Targeted knockouts of Physcomitrella lacking plant-specific immunogenic N-glycans

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N-Glycosylation in the moss Physcomitrella patens is organized similarly to higher plants

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Moss – An Innovative Tool for Protein Production

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