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BryoTechnology: Scalable production of biopharmaceuticals in moss

BryoTechnology is a next-generation manufacturing technology for biopharmaceuticals. Exploiting the unique advantages of the moss Physcomitrella patens, this new proprietary plant system enables the production of a wide range of biopharmaceuticals.

Key attributes of BryoTechnology

  • outstanding product quality, especially regarding posttranslational modifications
  • batch-to-batch stability
  • excellent safety profile
  • virus- and TSE-free production in customizable strains, e.g. for glycoengeneering and antibody drug conjugates

Greenovation established a cGMP-compliant production process that is comparable to established production strategies. Moss-based biopharmaceutical production is safe from a regulatory viewpoint and allows for straightforward technology transfer and scale adaption.

Key attributes of BryoTechnology
Key attributes of BryoTechnology

Production in moss

Greenovation makes use of moss for production of biopharmaceutical in photo-bioreactors. Like any plant, moss is able to use light as a sole source of energy. Being a higher eukaryote, the moss Physcomitrella possesses the enzymatic machinery to carry out complex posttranslational modifications like glycosylations. These moss enzymes, including e. g. chaperones and glycosyl-transferases are lined up along the secretory pathway, which is the standard route used for recombinant protein production by BryoTechnology.

Moss N-glycans are free of core a-1,6-fucose, which drastically increases the efficacy of IgG-products. This effect is due to increased CD16-binding and has great potential e. g. in oncological applications. Genome modification of moss producer strains can be applied straight forward and effectively in Physcomitrella: its efficient homologous recombination together with full genomic information and the haploid nature of the moss enable us to develop producer systems that can deliver a wide range of customized products.

production in moss

Regulatory compliance

The GMP-compliant production system BryoTechnology from Geenovation offers several regulatory benefits:

  • Relief from virus testing and absence of animal-derived compounds throughout the whole biopharmaceutical process
  • Compound production in certified disposable wave bioreactors™ circumvents costly cleaning and validation procedures
  • Cell banking system to assure batch-to-batch consistency
  • Proven genetic stability of strains to deliver constant clone performance